ISPA and Cohesion Fund 2004 - 2006
in the environmental sector


2005/CZ/16/C/PE/021 - Cidlina

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This project deals with water quality improvement in the Cidlina river and its tributaries Javorka and Bystřice and also in the brook Libáňský potok. The goal of the project is to improve water quality in the Cidlina river basin, improve environmental quality in the Jičínsko region and meet the requirements of Directive 91/271/EEC concerning urban waste water treatment in the areas covered by this project. The entire group of projects belongs to the Jičínsko region and consists of sub-projects involving reconstructing and completing the sewerage system and intensifying the WWTPs in the Jičín and Lázně Bělohrad agglomerations and in the municipalities of Miletín, Ostroměř, Pecka and Libáň.

contractor: GEOSAN GROUP a.s.
supervisor: Association VRV and VOD-KA


Total project cost:26 012 883 EUR
Total cost from the Financial Memorandum :20 194 267 EUR
Total eligible cost of the project:20 864 560 EUR
Total eligible cost from the Financial Memorandum :16 620 923 EUR
Rate of Cohesion Fund assistance:67%
Webpage of the project:
Address of final beneficiary:Vodohospodářská a obchodní společnost, a.s.
Na Tobolce 428
506 45 Jičín
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