ISPA and Cohesion Fund 2004 - 2006
in the environmental sector


2005/CZ/16/C/PE/001 - Central Pomoraví/Hodonínsko

Central Pomoraví/Hodonínsko - foto 1Central Pomoraví/Hodonínsko - foto 2Central Pomoraví/Hodonínsko - foto 3Central Pomoraví/Hodonínsko - foto 4Central Pomoraví/Hodonínsko - foto 5Central Pomoraví/Hodonínsko - foto 6Central Pomoraví/Hodonínsko - foto 7Central Pomoraví/Hodonínsko - foto 8
Central Pomoraví/Hodonínsko

In the Morava river basin, there are 8 cities and 73 municipalities with approx. 140 000 inhabitants in an area of 110 000 hectares. The area concerned includes entire municipalities or parts of 11 municipalities and cities. In the field of water supply, the project significantly affected 110 000 inhabitants, representing 79% of all inhabitants of the central part of the Morava river basin, in the section of urban waste water treatment it affected 68 243 inhabitants. Specifically, the project includes reconstructing the existing WWTPs Bzenec, Strážnice, Hodonín, Veselí nad Moravou and Ratíškovice and constructing the necessary extent of a sewerage system. Furthermore, the water treatment plant was reconstructed and intensified and the river’s spring area reconstructed.

contractor: Part A, Sub-project No. 1: IMOS Brno, a.s.
Part B – sub-projects No. 2, 3, 4.2 and 6.2: Associations MSO SERVIS – SWIETELSKY
Part C, Sub-projects No. 4.1, 5 and 6.1: Association ARKO TECHNOLOGY - KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA
Part D – sub-projects No. 7 and 8: Association IMOS - KUNST
supervisor: Jančálek s.r.o., Centroprojekt, a.s. and iC Consulenten ZT GesmbH


Total project cost:27 806 483 EUR
Total cost from the Financial Memorandum :29 155 243 EUR
Total eligible cost of the project:27 806 483 EUR
Total eligible cost from the Financial Memorandum :23 963 300 EUR
Rate of Cohesion Fund assistance:74%
Address of final beneficiary:Vodovody a kanalizace Hodonín, a.s.
Purkyňova 2
695 11 Hodonín
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