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2004/CZ/16/C/PE/014 - Šumperk, Sewers + WWTP

Šumperk, Sewers + WWTP - foto 1Šumperk, Sewers + WWTP - foto 2Šumperk, Sewers + WWTP - foto 3Šumperk, Sewers + WWTP - foto 4Šumperk, Sewers + WWTP - foto 5Šumperk, Sewers + WWTP - foto 6Šumperk, Sewers + WWTP - foto 7Šumperk, Sewers + WWTP - foto 8
Šumperk, Sewers + WWTP

In Staré Město the major part of the existing sewerage system was reconstructed at a length of ca 4 km and new branches, at a length of ca 4.8 km, were completed as well as the construction of a water supply system with a total length of pipelines including connections of ca 2.7 km. The local WWTP was reconstructed to a capaTown of 3 400 PE. In Šumperk, the existing sewerage system was reconstructed, reconstruction of the sewerage system at a total length of sewers and connections ca 0.8 km, storm water tanks and completion of the WWTP reconstruction (VI. stage). In the municipality of Vikýřovice, a sanitary sewerage system was constructed. In the municipality Sobotín, a sanitary sewerage system was constructed and in Kouty nad Desnou, the water treatment plant was reconstructed.

contractor: Sub-project A: FORTEX-AGS, a.s.
Sub-project B: IMOS Brno, a.s.
Sub-project C: EKOZIS spol. s r.o.
Sub-project D: Association FORTEX-AGS, a.s. and EKOZIS spol. s r.o.
Sub-project E: Association Kouty nad Desnou –Reconstruction of the water treatment plant
Sub-project F: EKOZIS spol. s r.o.
Sub-project G: EKOZIS spol. s r.o.
supervisor: Association Earth Tech -VRV


Total project cost:556 250 472 CZK
Total cost from the Financial Memorandum :26 154 000 EUR
Total eligible cost of the project:558 453 072 CZK
Total eligible cost from the Financial Memorandum :20 831 000 EUR
Rate of Cohesion Fund assistance:75%
Webpage of the project:
Address of final beneficiary:Vodohospodářská zařízení Šumperk a.s.
Jílová 6
787 01 Šumperk
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