ISPA and Cohesion Fund 2004 - 2006
in the environmental sector


2004/CZ/16/C/PE/003 - Pilsen: Expansion Sewer Infrastructure

Pilsen: Expansion Sewer Infrastructure - foto 1Pilsen: Expansion Sewer Infrastructure - foto 2Pilsen: Expansion Sewer Infrastructure - foto 3Pilsen: Expansion Sewer Infrastructure - foto 4Pilsen: Expansion Sewer Infrastructure - foto 5Pilsen: Expansion Sewer Infrastructure - foto 6Pilsen: Expansion Sewer Infrastructure - foto 7Pilsen: Expansion Sewer Infrastructure - foto 8
Pilsen: Expansion Sewer Infrastructure

The goal of the project was an increase in the quality of drinking water, mainly reducing iron, providing drinking water in adequate volumes and at a favourable pressure, improving waste water collection, increasing the number of inhabitants connected to the collection and waste water treatment plant, improving the general state of the hydraulic capaTown of the existing sewerage network and increasing the volume of waste water adequately treated in the WWTP. The designed project consisted of several parts and included the following constructions: the water supply complex “Lobzy”, the water supply complex “Vinice”, the sewerage system “Valcha”, the sewerage system “Radčice, Křimice, Lochotín” and the storm water retention tanks “Gera” and “Bolevec”.

contractor: Association “Čistá Plzeň“ (“Clean Plzeň”)(HOCHTIEF CZ a.s., Metrostav a.s., Stavby silnic a železnic, a.s., TCHAS, spol. s r.o. and STRABAG a.s.)
supervisor: Association EarthTech – Jacobs Consultancy


Total project cost:59 473 877 EUR
Total cost from the Financial Memorandum :54 722 000 EUR
Total eligible cost of the project:52 120 000 EUR
Total eligible cost from the Financial Memorandum :52 120 000 EUR
Rate of Cohesion Fund assistance:75%
Webpage of the project:
Address of final beneficiary:The Town of Plzeň
Náměstí Republiky 1
301 00 Plzeň
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