ISPA and Cohesion Fund 2004 - 2006
in the environmental sector


2003/CZ/16/P/PE/017 - Znojmo Sewer System Reconstruction

Znojmo Sewer System Reconstruction - foto 1Znojmo Sewer System Reconstruction - foto 2Znojmo Sewer System Reconstruction - foto 3Znojmo Sewer System Reconstruction - foto 4Znojmo Sewer System Reconstruction - foto 5Znojmo Sewer System Reconstruction - foto 6Znojmo Sewer System Reconstruction - foto 7Znojmo Sewer System Reconstruction - foto 8
Znojmo Sewer System Reconstruction

The project dealt with reconstructing a part of the Znojmo sewerage system which was in a very poor technical condition and also unsatisfactory in terms of capaTown. In total, ca 25 km of sewerage pipes were reconstructed; ca 20 km of which was reconstructed using excavation technology and ca 5 km using non-excavation technology. The reconstruction of storm water separators and the construction of two storm water tanks were also a part of the construction.

contractor: „Sdružení Znojmo“ (STRABAG a.s. and VHS plus, spol. s r.o.)
supervisor: Association VRV, a.s. and AP Investing


Total project cost:21 848 839 EUR
Total cost from the Financial Memorandum :23 353 600 EUR
Total eligible cost of the project:21 829 427 EUR
Total eligible cost from the Financial Memorandum :23 247 800 EUR
Rate of Cohesion Fund assistance:70%
Webpage of the project:
Address of final beneficiary:Interest group of municipalities Vodovody a kanalizace Znojemsko
Kotkova 20
669 02 Znojmo
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