ISPA and Cohesion Fund 2004 - 2006
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Projekty ISPA a Fondu soudržnosti 2004-2006 v sektoru životního prostředíProjekty ISPA a Fondu soudržnosti 2004-2006 v sektoru životního prostředí
information handout (PDF 3.2 MB)
Projekty ISPA a Fondu soudržnosti 2004-2006 v sektoru životního prostředíProjekty ISPA a Fondu soudržnosti 2004-2006 v sektoru životního prostředí
poster A1 (PDF 0.7 MB)
Investice do životního prostředí s Fondem soudržnosti v letech 2004-2006Investice do životního prostředí s Fondem soudržnosti v letech 2004-2006
brochure (PDF 3.3 MB)

Selected photos in print quality

2000/CZ/16/P/PE/001Extension of the Sewerage System in Ostravapicture #1
2000/CZ/16/P/PE/002Construction of a Sewerage System in Brnopicture #1
2001/CZ/16/P/PE/004Reconstruction of Drinking Water Supply System, Construction of Sewerage System, Reconstruction of Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment in the Region of Podkrušnohoří (North Bohemia)picture #1
2001/CZ/16/P/PE/005Jihlava WWTP and Sewer System Upgradingpicture #1
2001/CZ/16/P/PE/008Olomouc Sewer System Upgradingpicture #1
2001/CZ/16/P/PE/009Water Protection of Dyje River Basin Projectpicture #1
2002/CZ/16/P/PE/010Wastewater Disposal Management and Drinking Water Supply for Jeseníkpicture #1
picture #2
2002/CZ/16/P/PE/012Clean River Bečvapicture #1
2000/CZ/16/P/PE/003Monitoring and Assessment of the Hydrosphere in the Czech Republic in Conformity with EC Environmental Directivespicture #1
2002/CZ/16/P/PE/013Securing Compliance with EU Standards in the Southern Bohemia Water Supply Systémpicture #1
2002/CZ/16/P/PE/014Žďár n. Sázavou Sewer System Reconstructionpicture #1
2003/CZ/16/P/PE/016Waste Management Brnopicture #1
picture #2
2003/CZ/16/P/PE/017Znojmo Sewer System Reconstructionpicture #1
2004/CZ/16/C/PE/001Karviná: Sewerage Extensionpicture #1
2004/CZ/16/C/PE/002Příbram: WWTP Upgradingpicture #1
2004/CZ/16/C/PE/003Pilsen: Expansion Sewer Infrastructurepicture #1
2004/CZ/16/C/PE/004Lužická Nisa River: WWTP and Seweragepicture #1
2004/CZ/16/C/PE/005Karlovy Vary: Waste Water Managementpicture #1
2004/CZ/16/C/PE/007Klatovy – the Clean Townpicture #1
2004/CZ/16/C/PE/008Beroun: Sewerage System Extensionpicture #1
2004/CZ/16/C/PE/014Šumperk, Sewers + WWTPpicture #1
2004/CZ/16/C/PE/015Sewerage System + WWTP Radbuzapicture #1
2004/CZ/16/C/PE/016Břeclav - Construction and Reconstruction of Water Management Infrastructure in the Dyje River Basinpicture #1
2005/CZ/16/C/PE/001Central Pomoraví/Hodonínskopicture #1
2005/CZ/16/C/PE/002Šlapanice Locality – Čistá Říčka and Rakovecpicture #1
2005/CZ/16/C/PE/004Construction of New Public Wastewater Sewage System and a Wastewater Treatment Facility in Kravařepicture #1
2005/CZ/16/C/PE/006Labe-Loučnápicture #1
2005/CZ/16/C/PE/008Ensuring Drinking Water Quality in the Water Management System of South-Western Moravia – Třebíč Regionpicture #1
2005/CZ/16/C/PE/010Mladá Boleslav and Surroundings: Wastewater Collection and Treatmentpicture #1
2005/CZ/16/C/PE/014Reconstruction and Build up of Water Management Infrastructure in the Vyškov Districtpicture #1
2005/CZ/16/C/PE/016Improvement of Water Quality at the Junction of the Rivers Bečva and Moravapicture #1
2005/CZ/16/C/PE/020Clean Horní Úpa River Basinpicture #1
picture #2
2005/CZ/16/C/PE/021Cidlinapicture #1
picture #2
2005/CZ/16/C/PE/011Revitalization of the River Olse Basinpicture #1
2005/CZ/16/C/PE/012Táborsko - Rectification of the State of Sewerage System in Taborsko Aglomeration in the Czech Republicpicture #1
2005/CZ/16/C/PE/022Clean Upper Labepicture #1

ISPA and Cohesion Fund in the environmental sector - overview of successful projects in the Czech Republic
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